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Michael Hui, Director, EdventureCoMichael Hui, Director
The business realm as we know it has changed drastically and enterprises are more inclined toward technological automation and robotics to gain sustainability among the next generation of consumers. The incoming talent pool of job seekers must be well-equipped with the relevant skillslest itfinds itself out of place in rapidly transforming market conditions. A challenge for educators, however, is in delivering knowledge to these individuals not only with fact-based curriculum and expertise but also with engaging experiences that can garner their undivided attention.

To help students bring out their hidden-potential, and commence their careers, upskill or reskill, EdventureCo is leading with its vocational and professional education and training (VPET) platform. Partnering with established and reputable college brands in blue and white collar VPET sectors such as building and construction, and information technology, EdventureCo develops unique, specialist education brands that make guaranteed promises, and have credibility and strong reputation earned over time. From a student perspective, EdventureCo has industry-leading student satisfaction and graduate outcomes that enable them to join a lifelong learning journey in an increasingly automated world.

Established in Australia, EdventureCo has expanded into the South East Asian educational market in becoming the largest pure-play VPET platform in the Asia Pacific region. Through its institutions, EdventureCo delivers accredited and non-accredited qualification from Certificate I through to advanced diplomas as well as industry and vendor endorsed certifications.

DDLS, an EdventureCo affiliated institution is the leading provider of information and communications technology (ICT) training in the Asia Pacific Region. By collaborating with global ICT vendors, the institute delivers Australia’s most extensive public ICT course curriculum. Students attain internationally recognized vendor certifications from companies such as trainees every year, DDLS providers a combined learning module of e-learning, instructor led and virtual training with an active learning technique that is impressively engaging for the students. With a strong reputation in the ICT training world, DDLS is a trusted learning provider to public and private firms of all sizes with immeasurable experience in delivering knowledge on proprietary platforms. To allow the classes to be accessible from anywhere, DDLS has a cutting-edge telepresence solution that is powered by Cisco equipment.

To offer students a variety of VPET courses, EdventureCo has partnered with Everthought Education—a private blue collar VPET group that provides building and construction courses to international and Australian students. Every Everthought educator is accredited and has current industry experience in Australia and beyond to offer local knowledge from a global angle. The college offers hands-on learning based on modern building and construction industry standards to improve the employment opportunities of its students. For professionals seeking to gather more skills in their area of operation, the company has a course schedule that permits multiple intake and innovative week-on/week-off programs for Certificate III trade courses.

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Sydney, Australia

Michael Hui, Director

EdventureCo is a leading vocational and professional education and training (VPET) platform established in Australia that is expanding across South East Asia. It comprises established and reputable college brands in blue collar and white collar VPET fields such as building and construction, and information technology.